Long silence?

It has been.

My current job as a team leader is very much more time consuming and stressful than being a designer.

I.e. this kinda has lead to the situation where I need to really decide where to put my time.

And as I am aware that to improve in 3D I would need to put all my might in it, I have decided to give myself some slack in this field of art.

I try to keep my skills alive, so that I could do something fun every now and then. But at the moment that is all I am able to do. So take care until the next render!


Archviz: Beach house

Archvizzing with #blender3d and #Cycles – compositing with Photoshop. #archviz



Playing again around with Blender…


Test scene: Kitchen

Made a test scene for future use as I plan to test drive and compare Vray…

Based on reference image, B3D and Cycles ofc. Compositing with PS. Originally was 1000*1500, but that was too noisy, so down-scaled this to 1/2 resolution.


Lightbulbs in the sky

Just spending some time with Blender and Photoshop.


Nude woman in backlight

It’s been a while since I had time to play with Blender. This morning I just thought to do something and came up with this image:


This is the raw render:


And this is the viewport:


Rather boring cupboard

Modeling something simple, based on Ikea cupboard we bought few weeks ago. Also starring Aalto-vase by Iittala and Ikea lamp.